23/26 JULY 2015


Volodymyr Yarmolenko is announced as WOR(l)D Global Network’s new President Diamond!

Today our Company crowns a formidable networker from our Ukrainian network.

WOR(l)D Global Network wishes for Volodymyr the realization of all his ambitious aspirations; we are confident in the future of his growth and success.

Volodymyr’s great results are a testament to the extraordinary business opportunities WOR(l)D confers upon its network.

WOR(l)D Global Network anticipates his reaching the maximum qualification of President Millionaire.

Compliments to Volodymyr Yarmolenko, from Fabio Galdi, President & CEO of WOR(l)D Global Network.

The Russian Federation is proud to recognize another valued contributor in its increasingly reputable network. Today we celebrate Nina, and the determination and passion that were key to her success.

With only the summit as her aim, Nina not only meets her objectives, but goes above and beyond to set a standard. She cultivates a winning mentality for her team, inspiring and motivating her network by leading through example.

Congratulations to Nina Sharina, our new President Platinum!

As a result of her achievement, Nina has qualified for the Diamond Life Tour of Istanbul.

Compliments to Nina, from the Management team at WOR(l)D Global Network.

Viktor Poliverdov has achieved President Gold!

WOR(l)D is proud to recognize Viktor’s exemplary work— he is a shining example of how the value of handwork is rewarded.

Viktor Poliverdov took full advantage of the great opportunity offered by WOR(l)D, earning him the distinguished title: President Gold.

WOR(l)D is happy to share with you his well-deserved victory.

Congratulations to Viktor Poliverdov, from the WOR(l)D Global Network staff.


The race to Diamond is always more exciting. A race that is changing the lives of many WOR(l)DERs thanks to the incredible business opportunities called WOR(l)D.

Just take a small look at the ranking of affiliates from all over the world who, with work and passion, are climbing the charts.

Congratulations to the new Director Gold and Diamonds!


Danute Mackeviciute Lithuania


Fatemah Obaid Shehadah Kuwait
Vera Chichiginarova Russian Federation
Petr Rudykh Russian Federation
Sofiya Baisheva Russian Federation
Erna Alexeeva Russian Federation
Valentina Lvova Russian Federation
Aleksandra Sofronova Russian Federation
Mona Alkhazi Kuwait
Oksana Shestakova Russian Federation

Consult the complete rankings on the new WOR(l)D Recognitions page, constantly checking for updates on your placement.

Lamia Bettaieb has once again proven her extraordinary skill, as she confirmed her status as President Millionaire!

Lamia Bettaieb has made an impact in WOR(l)D history, meeting her objectives with expert competence and development capabilities, and achieving such widespread results.

Lamia Bettaieb’s style and work ethic exemplify those distinguished characteristics that set apart WOR(l)D Global Network’s successful leaders.

Our Company, as well as the entire management team, marked this illustrious occasion with a long and heartfelt applause. We have confidence in her continued growth and success.

Compliments to Lamia Bettaieb—one of our many outstanding employees recognized in the Diamond Life Tour Istanbul—from Fabio Galdi, CEO & President of WOR(l)D Global Network.


Once again, Sergii Shevchenko is President Millionaire!

His incredible work on the Steppenwolf secured him a second victory, thereby confirming his elite status as a “successful business man.”

WOR(l)D Global Network applauds his diligence and the superlative work ethic required to achieve this impressive goal.

An incredible achievement because of its very short time: less than 24hours! A goal made possible thanks to WOR(l)D business opportunities and extraordinary products, including not least the innovative Space Lumina, the smartglasses that are going to change the wearable universe.

Sergii Shevchenko’s rank reprisal, as President Millionaire, is owed in no small part to the solid, supportive WOR(l)DER network; together we witnessed the writing of an exciting new chapter that will be forever printed in our most cherished memories.

We are certain that this is only the beginning of Sergii’s long and prosperous career, as he continues to build upon his achievements and ascend through the ranks toward the fulfillment of his greatest aspirations.

Congratulations to Sergii Shevchenko, one of the confirmed key attendees of the Diamond Life Tour Istanbul, from the WOR(l)D Global Network Ceo and President, Fabio Galdi.

The beautiful location of Miami was the backdrop to a new and important time of growth for our Company.
The dreamy moments lived these days are still in everyone’s eyes.

The extraordinary previews business accompany all WOR (l) DER guiding them always to greatest hits.

A new appointment, however, awaits our WOR (l) DER, the prestigious “Diamond Life Convention” in Istanbul!

Still a dream destination for our WOR (l) DER that will reach the qualifications,an opportunity to live a life of top leaders!

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