It has ended the Diamond Life Tour, the extraordinary WOR(l)D event, held in the beautiful Istanbul.
If you could sum up this event in a word it will be without any doubts “evolution.”

Network Evolution
Product evolution.
Company evolution

An innovation process that involves every segment of our company.
An ambitious goal, to build a global network more stronger and more developed.
These inputs established the new claim, WOR(l)D | your network.
From Istanbul we start with renewed awareness in the success of the project Space Lumina, but also with an even clearer vision on the future of our Company, Technology mCell 5G.

An Again Fabio Galdi has projected into the future, ensuring a business opportunity unique in the world, in an industry with a capacity of unparalleled growth.

The goodbye to Istanbul was also marked by a new and important goal to be achieved, the participation in the Diamond Life Holiday in Bali.

A new opportunity that the company offers to experience as top leaders.

WOR(l)D throws a new challenge to its network!

The next target of WOR (l) D is to spread the technology mCell 5g to ensure that everyone can enjoy a new signal powerful, secure and reliable that will earn you as a telephone operator.

We want to share with you, with your network, this important challenge.
You will meet the challenge by participating in the contest “Space Station Invaders”
Participating is easy:

  • Buy and install space station in your city
  • Share the signal with your network
  • Contribute to the creation of a stronger signal

Invade your city with Space Station!

Contribute to create the first Space City working with your network working for the dissemination of the Space Station and help WOR (l) D to become a MVNO, your contribution will be awarded.

The nation that will get the highest level of diffusion will host the next Convention of WOR (l) D.
A contribution, yours, will give to WOR (l)D the possibility to reach a bigger success.

The launch of the Space Station’s living proof that our company aims to increasingly ambitious goals and you are an active part of this evolution.

Contribute to progress.
Take the challenge!


It was an especially moving moment in Istanbul when Fabio Galdi, President & CEO of WOR(l)D Global Network, handed each company official an individual pin for their respective rank.

Each of the qualified WOR(l)DERS were invited to the Hilton stage.

Sentimental and emotional for all who were involved, WOR(l)D thanked all the networkers who came to Istanbul and rewarded them for their extraordinary work.

As a reminder, you can find this, and other details about the event in the Summary Report.

Network marketing is based on two principles: creating a strong network, and consistently training its members to motivate them and nurture their ambition.

Walter Presutti, WOR(l)D’s SVP of International Network Development, is especially focused on the latter— triumphantly inspiring all of the Diamond Life Tour attendees. He proved to be a leading player on the tour, and around the world.

According to him, the Tour was a positive sounding board, as it provided valuable feedback, for the efficiency of his training method, and thus for the growth of WOR(l)D Academy.

Only through WOR(l)D Academy can networkers acquire the necessary know-how to become a qualified professional in network marketing.
Walter Presutti demonstrated the effectiveness of the new training scheme’s 4 Way Model, by presenting 2 of the 4 main steps:

  • Professional Start
  • Team Developer School
  • Diamond School
  • Leader Mentor

Beyond these four training levels lies the network marketing doctoral: The Top Master Class. This is for those who aspire to be great company leaders — the President Millionaires.

This intensive system is going to change the course of our business, as we aim toward the high efficiency, education, and ambition.

Walter Presutti challenges us to consider a new work-flow by which excellence is achieved by starting with the basics: the training.

After much hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, select networkers had the distinguished honor of dining at the Ciragan Palace in Istanbul, alongside WOR(l)D Global Network CEO, Fabio Galdi, and the entire company board.

The the Gala Dinner was the pinnacle of yet another exciting day at the The Diamond Life Tour in Istanbul.

An amazing night full of flavor and glamour, it will forever be impressed upon our memories. The elegant night at the Ciragan Palace—which is one of the most stylish and famous in Istanbul—was truly a success for WOR(l)D Global Network.

Follow your dreams; WOR(l)D can make them a reality.

Istanbul marks a significant turning point in the growth of our Company.
As Alessandro Senatore, Chief Operations Officer of WOR(l)D Global Network, said in his speech, The Diamond Life Tour is leading us into a new age, rich with reward.

Today, Alessandro Senatore has made an important announcement regarding the Packs—the details of which will soon be made available in the Summary Report.

Our COO also offered us an insightful perspective during his presentation. He expressed the value of a “person” to management—that the concept of the “person” is at the core of our business.

Our network is at the core of our daily work.
All the feedbacks we receive is vital to the constructive change we strive for.

To that effect, the company board has released the following to address the future of customer satisfaction services:

  • New Alice
  • Customer Care Wizard
  • New Backoffice

The new Alice is configured to be the perfect virtual assistant for your business—providing you with all the answers you need as you work.

Wizard, the latest novelty created by our Support team, is designed to effectively meet all of your needs. It will improve your business by increasing efficiency.

And finally, the new Backoffice is a product of our IT department’s tireless effort to provide you with functional tools to meet all of your needs.
The new Backoffice is mobile!

The aforementioned improvements reflect only a fraction of the full line presented by Alessandro Senatore, Our board is fully committed to building a business around your needs.

Many were present in Istanbul for the announcement of this exciting news.
At the heels of an already remarkable morning, replete with product presentations certain to change the course of our Consultants’ business, the afternoon too was abuzz in revelation.

Among several other announcements, the new and improved website was revealed.
Notable keywords included: usability, mobile, and contents. But simply put, our work was focused on making your browsing experience effortless and more intuitive than on any other kind of device.

Great news regarding the contents:
The website will feature a sizable, dedicated section for new mCell projects and all the latest products.

Are you not curious?
Worry not! In just a few short weeks the new worldgn.com site will go live!

The news of the day took us all by surprise, as highly anticipated products were revealed.
WOR(l)D CEO, Fabio Galdi, introduced the company’s core product during the Diamond Life Tour in Istanbul

The product of the future, it’s name will soon be on everybody’s lips—and in the upcoming months you too can claim it as your own.

Space Station, the brainchild of WOR(l)D’s R&D department, is an unprecedented product, with no other competitor in the market.

Space Station is the first to release 5G mCell signal.
Using innovative technology, it allows you to make calls, send texts, and browse the internet.

Space Station seamlessly synchs with all other WOR(l)D devices, such as Lumina Glasses and SpacePhone – another of our revolutionary products, announced in Istanbul.
WOR(l)D’s smartphone uses the Station as its charging base, while also allowing it to connect to the 5G mCell thereby reducing your cost.

Space Station is your go-to tool for network marketing.
You can install as many stations as you’d like — at home, in the office, outside —essentially anywhere, and at any time. As you build and expand your network, you can avoid overload, and more importantly, turn a profit.

Even where there is no available mCell signal, you can still use your SpacePhone: your device is programmed to always search for the best line.
You don’t have to do anything; just communicate.


SpacePhone is the first ever designed Smartphone to make full use of 5G mCell.

WOR(l)D’s latest product is a one-of-a-kind phone whose innovative technology is able to receive 5G mCell. Call, text, and browse the internet, with automatic connection to the best signal in the area. Power and cost-effective, it is also safety-guaranteed.

Such advanced tech makes this smartphone unique in the market.
Available in Gold or Titanium, SpacePhone combines technology with great aesthetic.

More storage and sharpness for your viewing pleasure, thanks to the 5,” 1280 x 720 Amoled screen.

Capture your memories using the 2 high-resolution cameras:
– Autofocus Back Camera 13Mpx and Flash Dual Led;
– Autofocus Front Camera 5Mpx, and Flash Dual Led.

With its state-of-the-art display on a light and easily portable, 5,85mm x 112g, device, SpacePhone sets the standard in the industry.

In this case, light is synonymous with strong, as the SpacePhone is crafted from a single piece of aluminum. Highly resistant, it’s life-proof.

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