23/26 JULY 2015


We are in the heart of the Millionaire Club in Moscow.
After a first day of high lifestyle and ended with a Gala Dinner celebrating WOR(l)D’s 4th birthday, the main leaders of the company have been today informed of the new important updates regarding our business.
The meeting in the fantastic office of WOR(l)D Global Network Russia,was attended by the CEO & President Fabio Galdi and the whole company Management Team.

All the Presidents Millionaire have tested the latest prototype of Space Lumina, the innovative smart glasses designed by WOR(l)D in pre-sales right after the convention in Miami.

It was also announced the new dates of the Diamond Life Tour Istanbul.
23rd to 26th of July in the most magical of the Turkish cities.

More time to get qualified.
More time to have a leading role in this dream.


They came to Moscow from all over the World. These the Millionaire Club participants: Lamia Bettaieb, Sergii Afanasiev, Sergii Shevchenko, Mongi Errahal and Olga Katz. Together with our company management team they are experiencing unique moments and receiving important updates. Yesterday, after a warm welcome to the beautiful office of WOR(l)D GLOBAL NETWORK RUSSIA, our leaders attended a luxurious Gala. Location, the gorgeous Sixty Restaurant on the sixtieth floor of one of the main skyscrapers of the Moscow city centre. The dinner, was also the occasion to celebrate 4 years of WOR(l)D, and extraordinary story to radically change the Network Marketing. Fallow all the event updates, an incredible mix of lifestyle and business previews.


WOR(l)D turns 4.
A recent history, but full of incredible achievements and international success.

1.461 days of incredible profits.
35.064 hours of lifestyle to envy.
2.103.840minutes of international success.
126.230.400 second of invaluable joy.

Let’s celebrate your company, your business opportunity, your family.

Write your greetings, take a picture or make a video and post it on the social that you prefer as #HappyBdayWorld

All the contents will be displayed in the WOR(l)D Lifestyle new blog , launched on this special occasion!

What are you waiting for? Let your voice be heard!


The race to Diamond is always more exciting. A race that is changing the lives of many WOR(l)DERs thanks to the incredible business opportunities called WOR(l)D.

Just take a small look at the ranking of affiliates from all over the world who, with work and passion, are climbing the charts.

Congratulations to the new Director Platinum, Director Gold and Diamonds!


Tony Germain Guadeloupe


Fatemah Obaid Shehadah Kuwait
Nicolae Ciobanu Romania

Consult the complete rankings on the new WOR(l)D Recognitions page, constantly checking for updates on your placement.


Our Company looks to the future, focusing on your personal success.

That’s why for the past months we have been working to develop a more performing business plan, by making it even more convenient, competitive and valuable.

Today is the day of the change!

The business revolution is conceived by WOR(l)D to give you a great boost in building an even stronger network.

We are now offering you a new tool to make your dreams come true: the new Packs and the new Service Plans.
Find out more directly from your Back Office.

And there’s more!

The magic of a small and simple technology is on its way.
Magic Phone will be yours, it will help you to reach your achievements with its competitiveness on the market.

Access your Back Office now and find out all the latest updates.


A great announcement for you today!
From now on, an important update for one of the most popular products that er are spreading in the world thanks to your contribution: the Power Unit.

The partnership with Power Clouds allowed us to spread renewable energies through a shared project that, guarantees a profit to its participants.

Now, we wish to introduce a more powerful, dashing product that will give more strength to your business e your business growth. It’s the Super Power Unit and its new features are really incredible:

• new rental fee of 15 USD for 20 years from our partner Power Clouds;

• Advanced modules with higher performance;

• 490 Watt of total PV Power (2 solar panels), the double of the previous model);

• higher value of your product, that will be forever yours and returned to you by Power Clouds at the end of the Leasing period..

Super Power Unit price will be of 1.500 USD.
But here are some other good news! The Executive Pack, containing the Super Power Unit is now available at the incredible price of 1.800 USD, and it will also include Space System Premium for the promotional price of 300 USD, instead of 599 USD!
With the executive Pack you will get 800 CV and a 180 USD Fast Start Bonus. An unmissable opportunity for you and your network!

What are you waiting for? Hurry! Introduce all these news to your colleagues, friends and relatives, and let them know that this product is already available in the WOR(l)D Global Network store.

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