23/26 JULY 2015


A day of big announcements just ended.

The management of the Company has issued new and important revelations intended to give new impetus to our business.

Announcements were received with great enthusiasm by the President Millionaire present and from the best leaders of the American network.

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Thursday April 23, 2015 was held the inauguration of the new headquarters in Miami, located at 600 Brickell World Plaza, Suite 1775.

A new office that represents the relentless growth of our Company.

The experience just lived was an unforgettable day for us, but especially for those who have been lucky enough to witness moments destined to remain indelible in our minds.

The event, open to all President Millionaire and to the best American leaders led by President Jeff Gold Hooks, have had the opportunity to live a historic event.

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Everything is ready.
Tomorrow the glittering Miami will host the best leader of the American network, led by the President Gold Jeff Hooks.

Miami will mark an important new chapter for our company, with the grand opening of the new offices.

Extraordinary guests of this extraordinary event ,two stars in the firmament of the Millionaire Club: Lamia Bettaieb and Mongi Errahal.

The dream is about to begin.

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